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wall corrugated pipe production line

Pipe Production Line | wall corrugated pipe production line
wall corrugated pipe production line,Pipe Production Line


wall corrugated pipe production line
Advantages: Double Wall Corrugated Pipe is mainly used for underground water sewerage.
The production of the pipe by direct extrusion is highly efficient and reliable. Because of the excellent design of wall construction, the pipe can ensure the lightest weight in comparison with other constructions. This means the cost of the pipe can be decreased greatly and the pipes competitive ability can be increased. It is widely used both at home and abroad as it is an easy and reliable coupling without any complex fitting, and replaces the concrete pipe and cast iron pipe. At present, PE double wall corrugated piping is being used extensively to ensure the development of environmental protection during networking of water and sewerage.
Product Description

Main features:

● It adopts efficient screw and notched barrel, the inner and outer walls are separately extruded by two extruders for using different materials and ensuring efficient extruding.

● A high speed of production can be ensured by the corrugated forming system and forced cooling system combined with water and air cooling during constant production.The advanced programmable lubricating system decreases abrasion of mould blocks to a minimum while lengthening their lifespan and ensuring running precision and stable quality.

● The advanced inline double wall belling function can reach or exceed the requirement of the state standard, completely solving disadvantages of the pipe’s creep and leakage of sealing in sockets.

● Co-extrusion die with special structure makes the inner and outer walls even and stepless adjustable, and forming stable .

● The cast mould blocks are made from special alloy for high precision and strength and excellent radiation effect.

● A professional PCC (B&R, Austria) control system is adopted with 15’’ touched colour screen for high automation, reliable running and easy operation.

●   It adopts a quick changing system for the mould blocks.

● The optimum design of crest provides a perfect combination of higher ring stiffness and lower unit weight.

●   Long-distance communicative function can realize tele-diagnosis and maintenance. 

●  The key and new product of the State.

●  It is certified for CE quality system by China Quality Certification Centre. 

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