Climbing Conveyor Line

  • Climbing Conveyor Line
  • Climbing Conveyor Line
Climbing Conveyor LineClimbing Conveyor Line

Climbing Conveyor Line

  • Product description: Climbing Conveyor Line


1.Material Of Conveyor belt: rubber, PVC, PU and other materials. Apart from normal materials, it can also convey special materials as it is oil resistant, corrosion-resistant and anti-static ,etc.Using dedicated food grade conveyor belt, it can meet the needs of food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical industry,etc.

2.Structure form:groove belt conveyor, flat belt conveyor, climbing belt conveyor, crooked belt and so on.  Baffles, skirts and other accessories can be added on the belt. Operating platform and installed fixtures can be used in electronic instrument assembly and food packaging assembly line,etc.

3.Drive way:gear motor drive, electric drum driven,etc.

4.Speed adjustment mode:frequency control, infinitely variable transmission ,etc.

5.Frame material:stainless steel,carbon steel, Aluminum.

6. we can design and produce exactly according to customers' requirements

Let me know the below informations

Material of frame


Material of chain


Length of chain conveyor

as your weight of goods

Height of conveyor

as your request

Height of working table

as your request

Spec of chain

as your request/your goods