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  • mesh belt conveyor
  • mesh belt conveyor
mesh belt conveyormesh belt conveyor

mesh belt conveyor

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Chain driven belts are driven with a cross rod which connects the chain strands by either passing through or under the wire mesh fabric, the density of wire mesh fabric is choosen according to size of the product conveyed on the belt.

Chain driven belt characters: positive drive, smooth running, little pressure on wire mesh fabric, from minus 55 degree to 1150 degree, side guard and flight available

Material: carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, weathering steel, high temperature steel, usually used in baking oven, quenching tank, washing machine, fryer, freezer etc.



Name: roller chain driven belt

Material data: Carbon steel, SS201, SS304, SS316, SS314

Chain pitch:9.525mm,12.7mm,15.875mm,19.05mm,25.4mm,31.75mm,38.1mm,50.8mm,63.5mm,76.2mm

Rod diameter:4.5-16mm

Overall width:100-6000mm

Spiral pitch:2.5-50mm

Rod pitch:7-60mm

Wire diameter:0.8-4mm

Special specifications are available.

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