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plastic bag making machinery-film tape line

Bag Making Machine | plastic bag making machinery-film tape line


plastic bag making machinery-film tape line
Product Description:
Electromagnet dynamic plastic extruding flat yarn film tape stretching Unit
General description:
Electromagnetic dynamic plastic extruding flat film stretching unit uses touching computer screen and PLC micro-processor to concentrate control, which is matched with the world first patent technology, made of electromagnetic dynamic plastic extruder, automatic belt filter changing system, high efficient hot bellows, seven-roller towing design finalizing machine and uniform moment magnetic induction winding machine. It has the performance of high speed, smooth running, sophisticated technology, reliable control and convenient operation. Compared with the traditional ones, it has the features of low power consumption (up to 40%), wide flexibility (high infilling quantity), good fiber cylinder forming quality, which is usable to improve the products’ tensile strength in length and breadth, transparency and cost reduction. It is the best choice in today’s plastic flat film forming industry.
The winder is mainly used for thread winding with a uniquely built construction. The machinery driving method is rational with advanced, tensile control and high winding speed which will provide you with the optimum winding effects.
Maximum Linear speed of the winding: 280m/min
Maximum diameter of the winding cylinder: 160mm
Size for the winding pipe: Φ38(inner) ×Φ41(outer) ×Φ230(L)mm
Φ38(inner) ×Φ41(outer) ×Φ270(L)mm
Electromagnetic Dynamic Plasticizing Extruder Characteristics:
Electromagnetic dynamic Plastic extruding machine is based on the electromagnetic dynamic plastic extruding technology invented by Prof, Jinping Qu of South China university of technology. The technology has obtained P.R.C. patent, United States patent, European economic community patent and patents of other countries. The machine adopts the way of direct transportation and introduce the mechanical vibration field which induced by an electromagnetic field into the whole plasticating and extruding process. Compared with the traditional ones, it has the advantages of small volume (reduced by 50%), low power consumption, no oil pollution (more than 40%), low noise, wide adaptability to materials, excellent ability of plasticizing blending. The machine is usable to improve the products’ tensile strength in length and breadth, high transparency and cost reduction. It is the best choice in today’s plastic flat film forming industry.
Technical data:
Model: SJDD390×75-PL700; SJDD425×90-PL1100; SJDD650×110-PL1350
Maximum extrusion volume(kg/h): 130; 220; 350
Power of main motor (KW): 32; 52; 75
L/D: 75/25:1; 90/25:1; 110/25:1
Dia lip width (mm): 700; 1100; 1350
Maximum production speed (m/min): 280; 280; 280
Flat thread fiber scope: 60-200tex; 60-200tex; 60-200tex
Drawing ratio: 4-8; 4-10; 4-8
Number of winder: 104spindles; 168spindles; 216spindles
System installed capacity (KW): 180; 260;300
System normal operation capacity(KW): about 80; 120;160
Dimension(mm): 26000×2500×2500; 32000×3000×2800; 35500×3200×2800
Total weight (T): 18; 25; 26
Miniature 6 shuttle circular loom:
The machine is adopted advanced SCM inspect control system for longitudinal yarnbreak, latitudinal yarn run out go along credible automatic follow back-check and call the police shut down. Eight hours can output express 800-900 meter, compare to internal in existence high speed 4 shuttle circular loom output overstep above 30%. Noise and upkeep also is reduced by a big margin. Cloth cover mass gained availability use.
Technical data:
Model: SYZ-6X/750
Number of shuttles: 6
Rotation of the motor:135r/m
Number of shuttling: 810pieces
Folded diameter: 300-750mm
Density of wefts: 100mm/piece
Bobbin specification: Φ38×230mm
Max sari diameter: 1200mm
Max winding diameter of wefts: 85mm
Power of main motor: 2.2 KW
Overall dimension: 8500×2200×2700
Total weight: 2500kg
Product Description:We started specializing manufacturing the kraft bag making machinery since 1984, which is the earliest bag making machinery manufacturer in China. With the rich experience of manufacturing the machinery, our production line is awarded China famous- brand and is exported to Russian, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Vietnam, Indonesia, Poland, etc.
All of production lines are provided on a turnkey basis including design, program, installation, commission, and complete technology transfer and personnel training, which are backed by our extensive experience. Complete spare parts / components and engineering services are provided according to customers’ requirements.
Based on our competitive advantages and continuous cost- reduction management, we offer production line at competitive prices for customers who are concerned about costs and profits
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