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blowing film machine

Film making machine | blowing film machine


blowing film machine

Product Description
Plastic blowing flim extrusion production line is mainly used for producing the filmof LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE, which is the maximum fold-width of 600mm, 800mm and 1100mm, and the thickness of 0.006-0.03mm. In addition,the film is applied for civil and industry package, such as foodstuff, fruits, clothing and daily consumer goods etc.

It is designed with compact structure and good outline, so it is convenient for maintance and operation.
Screw and barrel are made of alloy steel with nitriding treatment.
It is adopted with cast-aluminum heater to heat and air-cooling to regulate temperature, which has the advantages of automatic controlling, duration and reliability.
The ratio of L/D is large,and it is equipped with special mixing section, so it has goodmixing effect and large discharge.
The hopper and outer cover made of superior steel have the advantages of bright tone and easy cleaning.
Features of Accessories:
Die structure is spiral mandrel type and equipped with screen changer which is convenient for operation,the die hasmore use and reasonable design and heated by cast-aluminum heater, so it can produce high quality film with smooth extrusion.
It is adopted with steel shapes frame, the height of which can be adjusted,so convenient for operation.
Many cut-open devices are available for customers to select.
Winding-up device can be friction winding or center winding, so smooth for winding and convenient for operation. To increase film precision, rotary die is available, too.

Main machine technical data:
Model: SJ-45×30
Screw diameter:Φ45mm
L/D: 30:1
Screw speed: 15-150r/min
Main motor power: 15/18.5/22KW
Maximum output: 45/50/52kg/h
Centerline height of extruder: 500mm
Overall size: 5000×3100×3500mm
Total weight: 3900kg; 4100kg; 4400kg

Accessories technical data:
Model: SJM-F650; SJM-F850; SJM-F1100
Die had diameter: Φ60/Φ70/Φ80; Φ100/Φ150; Φ100, Φ120/Φ150, Φ200mm
Air-ring size: Φ600; Φ600; Φ800mm
Winding speed: 8-80m/min
Maximum diameter of film roll: Φ400mm
Distance between edge guide: 75mm

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blowing film machine,Film making machine

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