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XPS foaming board extrusion line

XPS foaming board extrusion line| Plastic profiles board sheets extrusion
XPS foaming board extrusion line,Plastic profiles board sheets extrusion


XPS foaming board extrusion line
Specifications: Technical data:

Length(mm) 1200-2500
Width (mm) 600-1200
Thickness (mm) 20-100
Conduct modulus(w/m.k) ≤0.028
Compress intension(Kpa) ≥500
Sop ratio (%) ≤1.0
Density (kg/m3) 32-45
Capacity (kg/day) 350-400
Total power(kw) 580
Advantages: Applicant:
Because of its excellent performance, XPS extrusion board are widely used in heating insulation field such as cold storage, food storage, airport running way, square and so on.
This line consists of the following equipment: material mixing system, extruding system, downstream equipment, pelletizer, foam agent injection system etc.
The complete XPS line is of top quality, excellent equipments, high reliability, and high output etc. the products made by this line are widely used in industries such as food, packing, furnishing, etc.
Product Description
As professional XPS foam extrusion line, 1) XPS foamed board produced by this extrusion line, also named as polystyrene extrusion line
plastic board (XPS for short) has a perfect closed-pore alveolate structure
2) Density, water absorption, coefficient of heat conducting and the coefficient of
steam pervasion are all lower than those of other board heat preservation
3) Strong intensity, light material, airtight, anti-corrosion, aging resistance, low cost
4) Widely used in the fields of heat preservation and heat insulation in the
construction industry, frost resistance of the highway, railway, airport, square and
household fitments
5) Is the generally acknowledged and the best heat preservation material in the
market at present
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