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Tea-bag packing machine

Bag Making Machine | Tea-bag packing machine


Tea-bag packing machine (DXDC8-IV)
Output: (145-155)bags/minute
Max.dosage: 8cm3
Bag dimensions: 62.5mm*50mm
Envelope dimensions: 80mm*70mm
Tag dimensions: 28mm*24mm
Thread lenth: 210mm
Power supply: AC380V/220V
Total power: 2.36kw
Weight: 1210kg
Gross weight: 1410kg
Overall dimensions: 1.688m*1.33m*2.205m
Packing box dimensions: 1.84m*1.29m*1.89m
Automatic tea bag packing machine model DXDC8-IV is the newest generation machine. It has functions of filling, heat sealing, threading, labeling and overwrapping. This machine adopts sealing pads to replaces the sealing rollers on old machine. The new system greatly improves machine’s flexibility for different packing material and will supply best teabag package. Many kinds of packing material will get good performance on this machine such as Paper/P.E, Plastic/foil/P.E, Plastic/P.E etc.
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