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Surface coating/printing production line

Surface coating/printing production line | woodens machinery & equipments
Surface coating/printing production line,woodens machinery & equipments


Surface coating/printing production line
Specifications: 1. Full precision roller coater.
2. Painting machine.
3. Color printing machine.
4. UV dryer
Advantages: Application: widely used in the single-color printing, multi-color printing of hard material, such as solid wood flooring, shutter, veneer, PVC, ladder board, plywood, MDF, etc.
Feature: this production line adopt the whole advanced finishing technology is introduced from German, with its high efficiency, low printing cost, high definition grain, vivid 3D effects, the finishing technology is an ideal substitute for the traditional manual paint spray.

1. Full precision roller coater
Application: widely used in prime, coating and painting work of furniture, flooring, MDF, door, artwork board and blinder etc.
Feature: adopt this machine, the coating surface is smooth wrinkling and has good saturation, also the surface is very thin but the effect can compare with curtain painting, and it’s more cost effective too.
We can provide you the product with 600mm, 900mm and 1300mm working width.

2. Painting machine
Application: widely used in prime and coating of plane board, MDF, aluminum plank, PVC etc.
Feature: primes coated by this machine can be rolled directly with finish without sanding and the roll-paint surface is smooth and even-colored as well as curtain paint and spray paint. The machine adopts pneumatic lifting, frequency inverter control, the coating thickness can be adjustable freely between 0.015~0.05mm. the paint recycling system can gather the paint and reduce wastage.

3. Color printing machine
Application: used for printing pattern of plane wood, acryl, aluminum, ceramic, door board, shutter, MDF etc.
Feature: this machine adopts frequency inverter, the working speed is adjustable, it will reduce the noise caused. There are emergency stop in the necessary positions to ensure safe operation. This machine also can be designed as multi-color printing according to customer’s requirement, the texture precision can be within 0.02mm.

4. UV dryer
Application: used the drying for furniture board, solid wood or plywood flooring, door, artwork board.
Feature: this machine dried instantly, need not wait for the drying time. Shorten the production slow time, the coating surface is shining with good hardness. The machine adopts imported high pressure mercury lamp and reflect board. The radiation intensity can be optionally chosen to high or low. The reflect board can reflect 90% UV light. There are high intensity capacitance and transformer, enhancing the stability of the mercury lamp.
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