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We are very pleased to announce the official release of our new generation for PET strap production line .Welcome to join us, to be our distributor, agent!

Short-cycle rapid laminating production line

Short-cycle rapid laminating production line | woodens machinery & equipments
Short-cycle rapid laminating production line,woodens machinery & equipments


Short-cycle rapid laminating production line
Specifications: Short-cycle rapid laminating production line:
1220×2440mm (4’×8’) 1220×2740mm (6’×12’)
1830×2440mm (6’×8’) 2135×2745mm (7’×9’)

Hot press:
Model pressure oil cylinder diameter oil cylinder quantity output laminating mode
YX-1200 12000KN Ф320mm 6 1200 pieces/day double sides
YX-1400 14000KN Ф340mm 6 1200 pieces/day double sides
YX-1600 16000KN Ф320mm 8 1200 pieces/day double sides
YX-2400 24000KN Ф420mm 8 1200 pieces/day double sides
Advantages: Short-cycle and low-pressure laminating technology with melamine impregnated paper is widely adopted as a finishing method of wood-based panels such as PB, MDF and HDF etc. This is one kind of panel decoration technology recently developed in China because of its low cost, good performance and beautiful appearance. The boards after being laminated are widely used for furniture, indoor decoration, laminate flooring board and construction industry etc..
In order to extend the technique and to meet the demand from customers and markets, the laminating production line was developed by the company, including the following laminating specifications or can manufacture the laminating production line according to the requirements of the user.
The company is professional in producing all kinds of automatic (manual) fast laminating hot press which is widely used in processing particle board, MDF board, HDF board and so on in one side or both sides to make furniture board and laminate flooring board. All kinds of boards can be produced, such as 4*8 foot, 4*9foot, 5*8foot, 6*8 foot and so on.

The YX-1200, YX-1400, YX-1700, YX-2000, YX-2200, YX-2400 and YX-2800 hot press use frame structure, with overhead hydraulic cylinder. The machine is also equipped with in-feed truck controlled by converter and out-feed roller frame or automatic out-feed device. The machine is controlled by PLC and the advantage is easy operation, convenient installation and maintenance, little land occupation, low cost and high yield (1200 pieces/day). If needed, we could provide other accessories such as all kinds of cushion mat and mould plate, thermal oil boiler etc.
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