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Roll moulding machine

Roll moulding machine| Plastic profiles board sheets extrusion
Roll moulding machine,Plastic profiles board sheets extrusion


Roll moulding machine
Advantages: 1. Used in large plastic model
Most plastic products make by press, like afflux plastic, compress plastic model, extrude and blow model, when it is used in large products, it need the model which can be support large press, and the model is ponderosity and complex, and the equipment should fastness in design and make, it let difficult to work, the cost should be increased. On the other way round, the rolling plastic technical just need the machine can support the material weight, and the model and the machine weight and the shut model power which prevent blab material, so it is produce without large set and model, it is easily to be used, shorter Cys and lower costs. In theory, the size without limit , and when it is used to produce large plastic container, it is cheaper than the large blow model machine.

2.Used in small plastic model
Because of producing without the press, the model is simple, lower costs, easy to make, and it is flexibility. It can set with a large model, also, it can set with small models, it can be used in different size and different form products, with the same material, the ply is same. The flexibility is better than the other way in produce.

3.It is easy to change the color of rolling plastic products. The material is be full in the model, after the model is take out, full in the next material, so when we need change the color, it is not waste material and not waste the time to clear the machine and the model. When we used more models to produce the same products, we can full different color in different model, it will produce different color products.

4. It is used in many kinds of complex form empty products. When in producing, the material is covered gradually on the moulds, the products are strong copy capability without the press, it can straight get the fine form and complex form mould.

5. Economy in material. The wall ply is same, and the corner ply is more, it is economy in material, and in producing, no scrap of flow path and cast, after debug, there is no return material, so the using rate is very high for material.
Product Description
The products is from Roll moulding machine

1. container
This kind of plastic is widely used in reservoir, all kind of liquid chemical leechdom stockpile, like acid, alkali, salt, chemical fertilizer and pesticide, oil container, like oil stockpile, plan gasoline tank, the rind of storage battery and so on.

2. car parts
It is main used in produce with polyethylene and PVC colophony and all kind of rolling plastic pipe, like siphon of air condition, backrest and armrest, and so on.

3. gym equipment
It is main used in produce with PVC colophony, like center forward float ball, cushion of bike, small ship, the cushion absorber between ship and boatyard. With the rolling plastic class of PVC colophony“Maricxcl-100” of Philip company to produce rolling plastic PVC bucket can compete with the metal bucket, and it is better in chemical causticity, lower costs in fixing. In 70 years, the rolling plastic tray was biz in USA and Japan, it is mention in the documents of surfboard and small ship as the rolling plastic.

4. toy, model and craftwork
The rolling plastic model can be used in exactitude cast, electroform, in producing face, it is good effect, with the rolling plastic, the products is refinement and handsome, it is used in the view and admire value products, especial toy, model and craftwork.

5.other product
Exclusion all these, the rolling plastic products is main used in all kind of trunk, shelly and large pipeline, like turnover box, dustbin, machine crust, shield, chimney, bathroom, washroom, phone space and barge, etc. The rolling plastic products can be used reservoir of chemical, chemical company, industry coat, trough of thulium produce, retort, buoy, water tank, etc.
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