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Plywood machine

Plywood machine | woodens machinery & equipments
Plywood machine,woodens machinery & equipments


Plywood machine
Specifications: This production line include 9 equipment:
1. Veneer peeling lathe
Used for peeling the lumber to produce veneer.
2. Veneer slicer:
This machine is mainly used for slicing thin veneer.
This machine adopts large chassis, of high stability, running precisely, convenient to operate, low noise. Centralized electric control system, convenient for operation and maintain.
Adopt double –V chutes device, fixed on left and right sides of machine. Surface coated special polymer wear-resistant material, make machine running of high balance and good stability.
Special designed feeding device, one way clutch and press bar adjusting device, make sure slicing thickness control precisely. Cross beam in clasping device: whole body casting, strengthen running stability and precise.
Special design large transmission gear, of low noise at high speed.
3.Veneer guillotine:
It is designed for cutting piled veneer, it is a necessary equipment of wood based panel in second processing and make up patterns on varies decorative tables.
4. Veneer dryer
Usage and feature:
Net belt veneer dryer is suitable for drying peeling veneer and is the important machine when producing plywood. It has the merits of high-efficiency, saving-energy and good drying quality because of adopting new high technology and advanced control technology.
Roller veneer dryer is the important machine in the course of producing plywood and suitable for the technology of dry-after-cut and especially suitable for drying thick veneer. It has the merits of high-efficiency, saving-energy and good drying quality because of adopting new high technology and advanced control technology.
Combined veneer dryer is suitable for drying veneer with low investment and small landing area. Normally the top layer is net belt drying and middle or bottom layer is roller drying. Of course, the final structure can be decided on the user’s requirements.
5. single/double surface glue spreader
It is mainly used for gluing the veneer.
6. Plywood-prepress
Plywood-prepress is important equipment in a plywood production line. It is used for pre-form the plywood.
7. Hot press
BY series hot press is the most important equipment of the plywood production line. And the though the hot press is mainly shaped. And hot-press machine can be adopted loading and unloading board machine according to the customers’ requirement.
8. Knife grinder
Knife grinder is used for grinding blades in the industry of paper making, printing, wood and leather because it can grind all blades produced at home and aboard.
9. HF press machine
HF pressing machine is used for bend wood furniture forming, such as sofa, desks and beds and wood furniture in kitchen.
Product Description

Plywood is made on the basis of veneer which is made by peeling wood or slicing square wood by adding resin. Normally there is three, five, seven etc odd layer plywood. Plywood has the most extensive applications because it possesses a great number of merits such as natural and beautiful texture, light density, high strength, small distortion, wide breadth etc. It can be used in furniture-making, domestic decoration, construction, construction and decoration of vehicle or vessel and packing etc.

We can provide 10000-30000 m3 plywood line as well as a single machine supplement such as veneer peeling machine, veneer dryer, veneer hot press, veneer guillotine etc..
Please ask us for A detailed description of products if you want.

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