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Plastic Mixer

Plastic Mixer | Plastic recycle machine
Plastic Mixer


Plastic Mixer
Specifications: This product is mainly used in the process of mixing, dying for PVC material, dying and drying for PE and PP, drying for ABS and polycarbonate and also mixing for phenolic resin, etc. Cool the material through cold mixing in order to prevent agglomeration. It is good to preventing hot mixed material from degradation to make the additives filter into the plastic resin, removing waste gas left in the hot mixed material and storing hot mixed materials as well.
Advantages: This set of mixer enjoys the advantages of fast cooling speed and average cooling effect, together with credible performance, long service life, easy to operate as well as compact structure. It is an ideal equipment in plastic production industry, which can fully meet the plastic production requirements.
Product Description
  1. 2.Main technical data. (one kind of type for the machine)

Type:  SRLW-300/600

                                        Hot mixer             Cold mixer

Total volume:                   300L                  600L

Effective volume:         180L                   340L

Amount of the blades:      3                     3

Rotate speed of blades:  480/960 r/min           80r/min

Heating way:          Automatic friction     Cooling way: water cooling

                                       Pressure of cooling mediums:≦0.1MPa

                                           Temperature of cooled material: 40~60℃

Temperature of cooled water: ≦20℃

Mixing time: 6~10 minutes/batch             Cooling time: 5~8 minutes/batch


    Electromotor type:  YD280L-8/4-V1                   Y-160M-4

Power pressure: 380V

Power:40/55Kw                                   Power: 11Kw

Outer dimension(L*W*H.): 2080*2350*2560mm

Weight: about 2800 kg

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