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Plastic Crusher

Plastic Crusher | Plastic recycle machine
Plastic Crusher


Plastic Crusher
Advantages: 1. This product can be used in breaking all kinds of slice and plank plastics. The capacity is from 50~850kg/h.

2. The machine is used to break the plastic pipe and the plastic profile to plastic granules directly.
Product Description
  1. 1.Application                                                       1..Application                   pipes  

This product can be used in breaking all            The machine is used to break the plastic pipe and the                              

 kinds of slice and plank plastics.                         pastic profile to plastic granules directly.

 The capacity is from 50~850kg/h.


2.Properties and advantages                           2. Properties and advantages

The product is suitable for smashing all              The machine is used to crush the PP-R ,,PE tubings and

kinds of soft,hard or foamed plastics.                  Pipe fittings with max pipe dia. of ¢160mm.tubings

there hvae deafening device in the body,           and pipe fittings may be crushed at the same time.

so it is low in noise. The moing knives                Long tubings are acceptable to this machine and

adopts removable bits which can be                  are not necessary to be cut into sections

separately removed and sharpened after

being blunt.


3.Main technical data.(one kind of type for the machine)

Dia. : 160mm

Move blade No. : 8pcs

Rovolution :500r/min

Fix blade No. :2pcs

Hole dia. :8mm

Capacity :100~200kg/h

Power :5.5kw

Power supply : 3 phases 380 V 50Hz

Inlet caliber:350×110mm

Weight :450kg

Overall dimensions(L×W×H):1220×500×1200 mm

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