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PVC flat hose pipe production line

PVC flat hose pipe production line | Pipe Production Line
PVC flat hose pipe production line


PVC flat hose pipe production line
Specifications: The series DTG flexible tubes with a plastic coat we produced have 50 specifications and models.We divide the products into 3 models according to the working pressure , they are 0.2,0.3,0.4,each model can be further devided into 10 specifications according to the inner diameters , they are 25,30,40,50,65,76,100,125,and 200 mm. Other specifications of products also can be produced according to the special demands of users.

Advantages: The PVC flat hose pipe producton line manufacture the PVC product feature and application introduction:
• Hi-strength terylene yarn and qualified PVC synthesis materials.
• Light weight, good flexibility, bright color, smooth smearing layer.
• Flat roll and easy for take back, convenient for moving and non limitation for length.
• Capable for keeping the flexibility and elasticity under the low-temperature water.
Anti-hi pressure, corrosion resistance and ageing resistance.
• Applied to the lines of the auxiliaries for agricultural tools against the drought, project, miming, environment protection, industry and so on, which is the most ideal liquid-transferred hi-pressure hose.
• Applicable operation temperature 10℃-60℃
Product Description

The PVC flat hose production line is suitable for one kind of new product which absorbed the advanced technology. It adopts terylene yarn as reinforced materials, and the yarn is weaved into tube by weaver, and then extrusion the PVC materials to coat the weave tube by extruder.
PVC flat hose which adopts this production line owned smooth inner wall, excellent anti-age and wearable etc. property. The hose can used widely in the against drought and waterlogging for agriculture, liquid & gas transportation for industry and anti-fire
etc. application. 

Please ask us for A detailed description of products if you want.

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