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PP/PC hollow profile sheets board extrusion line

PP/PC hollow profile sheets board extrusion line| Plastic profiles board sheets extrusion


PP/PC hollow profile sheets board extrusion line
Product Description
PP/PC hollow profiles sheets boards extrusion  line is general Suitable to make PP ,PE hollow profile sheets ( cartonplast sheet , Corplast sheet ) up to 10mm thick and 3M wide ; hollow profile sheet is widely used as advertising boards , decorating boards , roofing , packing and file materials ;

2 . Extruder Its special extruding screw systems , precise manufacturing data , temperature controls and speed adjusting systems ensure a good plasticatings and stable good extruding ;

3. Dies Excellent Cr-plated heat resistant steel alloy is applied for T-dies , which flowing channels are of clothes-hanger type design , with excellent flow distributing systems , to make sure that flows can go evenly to all the whole dies ; A adjusting system equipped onto up and down die lips , to make sure that all sheets have good and even up and down wall thicknesses ;

4. Vacuum former Vacuum system and forming system are well designed and located ; equipped with a quick heat exchange die , forming systems?cooling system is well and precisely located among vacuum systems in good orders ; vacuum systems are composed of 2 independent sub-systems , each of them are equipped with many triangle type close-circuit vacuum tubes ; all close circuit systems are equipped with vacuum conditioning and monitoring systems , to make sure to have a stable and even vacuum degree on all sheet surfaces ;

5. 4 haul-offs The 1st one is big power and of big decelerate ratio , equipped with many rollers , it has a excellent low speed working , while its big hauling-off can draw sheets evenly out from vacuum former ; The 2nd haul-off draws sheets out from heating oven ; The 3rd and 4th haul-off are for transmission and unloading ;

6. Heating oven ( annealing oven ) working together with the 1st and 2nd haul-offs , its multi-zones infrared constant temperature heating systems give good annealing to sheets , improving all sheets flatness ;

7. A precise auto short-time fixed length cutting systems and auto a lift type unloading system are equipped ;

8. Electronic control both panel control and PLC control systems are chosen
by our customers , all data of whole line ( such as rpm of screw , temperatures , pressures , capacity? can be well controlled , thus the whole line can work together perfectly .

9. Hollow profile sheet is also called fluted sheet , corrugated sheet / board , twin-wall sheet , double wall sheet , cartonplast .
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