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We are very pleased to announce the official release of our new generation for PET strap production line .Welcome to join us, to be our distributor, agent!

PET strap

PET strap| PET strapping


PET strap
Product Description

PET Strap is recognized as a new environment protective strapping material to substitute Steel Strap & PP Strap. They are not only the aggregation of the intensity and the tenacity of steel strap, but also have overcome the disadvantage of the tradition packing material such as insufficient intensity, brittle and so on. Their advantage just as below:

 1) Good Tensile Strength and Welding Strength
Thus it is used for many heavy packages and the pulling force is more stronger than pp strap about 1000N on average.
2) Excellent Tension Maintenance
It maintains tensile strength for a long stretch of time with minimized strap slacking, while ensuring excellent shock resistance ideal for long-distance, long-period transportation.
3) Rusty and Chemical Resistance
Thus allows direct strapping with PET straps without products damage or rusty.
4) Superior Flexibility for convenient operation
PET strap does not "Whiplash" when removed, thus creating a safe work environment for users. Moreover, it does not have sharp edges, so there is no risk of injures for either goods or user while tensioning or cutting the strap. And it is no necessary for special cutting tools.
5) Super Weather Resistance
It can be stabile under temperature of -50℃ - 120℃, which ensures PET straps widely applied under any conditions.
6) Comparing to other straps, PET strap is the "Beauty"
as it can be made in different colors with good transparence. Also, it can be recycled for it is an environment protective strapping material.
7) Good Economical Application
The density of PET Strap is only 1/6 of Steel Strap for a given length, but its price is much cheaper than Steel Strap.
Technical Parameter
The color of the PET Straps is changeable to the packing style and the dimension can be designed according to the demand. It is 20kg per roll and the paper core is ф406mm orф200


Item No Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Length (m)/ roll Breakpoint (N)/piece
PET095050 9.5 0.50 >3250 >2000
PET095060 9.5 0.60 >2800 >2400
PET105060 10.5 0.60 >2540 >2600
PET120050 12.0 0.50 >2220 >2500
PET120060 12.0 0.60 >2150 >3000
PET140060 14.0 0.60 >1850 >3500
PET140070 14.0 0.70 >1600 >4100
PET150080 15.0 0.80 >1380 >4700
PET160060 16.0 0.60 >1600 >4000
PET160080 16.0 0.80 >1250 >5400
PET160090 16.0 0.90 >1100 >6000
PET190060 19.0 0.60 >1350 >4800
PET190080 19.0 0.80 >1020 >6400
PET190100 19.0 1.0 >815 >8000
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