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Multi-Function Foam PVC Pipe Production Line

Multi-Function Foam PVC Pipe Production Line | Pipe Production Line
Multi-Function Foam PVC Pipe Production Line


Multi-Function Foam PVC Pipe Production Line
Advantages: Three-layer co-extrusion technology is used in this production line. The line consists of two conical twin-screw extruders, composite extrusion die, negative pressure calibration and cooling system, hauling-off and cutting machine etc.
Hauling-off unit uses two caterpillar belts. The lower one is fixed and the upper one can be adjusted according to the pipe diameter.
The cutting machine is equipped with PLC system with which the cutting length can be freely set and it provides accurate automatic cutting.
Product Description
The Multi-Function Foam PVC Pipe Extrusion Line can produce diameter 50 mm upto 315mm, hollow wall with screw-thread inwall pipe of 50mm upto 160mm diameter.
With three-layer co-extrusion die with spiral grooved core mandrel for option and the advanced technological prescription, the line is designed to produce PVC middle layer expanded pipe or PVC middle layer expanded pipe with screw-thread inwall. This kind of pipe features: lower density;sound-proof, when used as drain-pipe, water flow against the screw-thread inwall downwards, which solves the problem of noise. It is identified that PVC expanded pipe with screw-thread inwall can lower the noise for 5 to 7 Db than PVC expanded pipe, and 10 -15 Db than solid wall PVC pipe, and it is the most idea drain pipe fro building up to now.
This is equiped two twin-screw extruders to produce middle layer expanded pipe. High performance twin-screw extruder ensures the high efficiency extrusion.
Unique sctructure die ensures the production perfect

Because of the pipe’s low weight, good soundproof and low production cost, this kind of pipe is widely used in drainage system.
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