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MDF machine

MDF machine | woodens machinery & equipments
MDF machine,woodens machinery & equipments


MDF machine
Specifications: 1. Chipper
We can provide two kinds of chipper: drum chipper and ring chipper.
Usage and feature:
Drum chipper is a kind of special machine for producing wood chips and widely used for the chip preparation section of particle board line and MDF line and chip factory. Small drum chipper is the best machine of producing raw material for laboratory in factory.
Drum chipper adopts small-diameter wood, wood branch and wood waste etc as raw material.
Ring chipper is one of the main machines of the raw material preparation of particle board line and adopts chip, small veneer as raw material to producing flakes with certain thickness to produce particle board.
BX series drum chipper has the features of reasonable compact structure, simple operation, high capability, high quality chip, safety and reliability and convenient repair etc.
2. Refiner
Refiner is the important machine for producing MDF board and is mainly used for making fiber.
3. Forming machine
Forming machine is the important machine for producing MDF board and is mainly used for forming the fiber to make mat.
Advantages: MDF is a kind of excellent substitute for natutal wood panel with wide application. Materials such as wood and other plant fiber after being added suitable urea formaldehyde resin or other adhesives forms 450-880kg/m3 panels on hot press. MDF is characterized with tight and smooth surface, uniform core layer and good wood working performance.
The line consist of chip preparation, fiber preparation, glue mixing and applying, mat-forming and hot-pressing, cooling and sizing, sanding. It can be used in furniture-making, flooring-making, packing industry, sound box, construction and decoration of vehicle or vessel etc.
We can provide 15000-80000 m3 MDF production line as well as a single machine supplement such as chipper, refiner, dryer, forming machine, pre-press, hot press etc.
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