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Large size spiral steel pipe production line

Large size spiral steel pipe production line | Pipe Production Line
Large size spiral steel pipe production line


Large size spiral steel pipe production line
Specifications︰ 1) It can be widely used in the drainage and sewerage piping of municipal construction.
(2) Irrigation engineering for farmland, irrigation network, water supply and drainage flooded fields.
(3) Fluid conveying in chemical and mineral Industries.
(4) Piping in factories, sewerage treatment plants and other public places.

Main Features
● The strip pitch can be easily adjusted by a pitch mechanism so as to achieve the best ring stiffness and the lowest unit weight.
● The forming and bending of the strip and forming of the composite pipe is synchronically controlled by PCC control system, avoiding disadvantages of pulling off, piling up and breaking of the strip during forming, ensuring 100% of the finished product rate.
● A special composition device makes the forming of the spiral strip and inner pipe stable, with adjusting function both for inner and outer wall thickness.
● A professional PCC (B&R, Austria) control system is adopted for high automation, reliable running and easy operation.
● Long-distance communicative function can realize tele-diagnosis and maintenance
Advantages︰ (1) Light weight, high ring stiffness, low cost, with strong market competitive power. Under the same diameter and ring stiffness, the lightest weight per meter can be obtained for the pipe over 800 mm of diameter and materials can be cut down by 20%-60% in comparison with those of the hollow winded pipe, the moulding ribs winded pipe and the double wall corrugated pipe.
(2) Easy and reliable connecting, by thermo-melt coupling (for the purposes of drainage, sewerage and ventilation) or thermo-shrinking film, or outer half-block with sealing rings.
(3) Excellent low temperature resistance, being installed between -60℃~ 60℃.
(4) High complete strength, bearing large axial tensile force and circumferential ring stress.
(5) Good soil adaptability. It has a good adaptability without breaking for resisting earth settlement and movement because of high coefficient at rupture which is up to 500%.
(6) Excellent flowing performance. The flow is bigger than that in cement pipe under the same diameter because of the small flow resistance.
(7) Excellent wear and corrosion resistance. Its life is longer than that of the cement pipe.
(8) Being green product for environmental protection, without any pollution.
Product Description
At present, the demand of drain pipe exceeds its supply and is becoming a hot field of investment. The large size spiral steel pipe production extrusion line equipment and its technology for the corrugated pipe winded with steel strip were developed in the 1990’s. They are now widely used in many fields in the developed countries, especially for water, drainage, sewerage piping in industries and agriculture in USA, Canada, Japan, Korea and the European countries. An extrusion line for the corrugated pipe winded by steel strip is newly presented us, combining international advanced technologies, with a diameter range of ID 800 mm—3,500 mm.
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