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Kraft paper bag making machine

Bag Making Machine | Kraft paper bag making machine


Kraft paper bag making machine
Scope and Types of paper bags
Types of Bag: Both-end pasted bag
Type of tube: Both-end stepped-cut tube (without gusset)
Number of layer: 2-5(include one piece of PE film)
Basic weight of Kraft paper:75-105g/m2
Bag length: 520~880mm
Tube length: 670~1050mm
Tube width (flat): 420~620mm
Bottom width: 90~160mm
Bottom center distance: 420~780mm
Bottom opening width: 200~440mm
Valve sheet length: 100~300mm
Valve sheet width: 120~240mm
Number of printing: four (4) colors
ZT9804 Tuber
Numbers of equipment 1 set
Mode of equipment ZT9804
Production Speed 120 tubes/ min in normal situation
Maximum 150 tubes/min. (depends on paper quality, number of layer and operators’ skill.)
Tube length 650~1050 mm
Tube width 400~620 mm
Space between tape steps 20 mm
Number of layer max. 5 plies (include one piece of PE film)
Paper roll width 800~1240 mm
Paper roll diameter max. 1, 300 mm
Air compressor 1,100L/min
Total Power 25kw
Total weight of machine 34 T
HD4913 Bottom-sealed machine
Numbers of equipment : 1 unit
Mode of equipment : HD4913
Speed : normal 100bags/min.
: Maximum 140 bags/min (depends on paper quality, number of layers and operators’ skill.)
Tube length : 520-880mm
Tuber width : 420-620 mm
Bottom width : 90-160mm
Width of opened-out bottom : 200~440mm
Distance between bottom centers : 450~780mm
Valve sheet
Valve sheet length : 150~250mm
Valve sheet width : 120~240mm
Total Power : 33kw
Total weight : 25T
Size of whole set :( L×W×H) :22m×1.8m×1.8m
Valve patch roll diameter: Max. : 1,300mm
Product Description:We started specializing manufacturing the kraft bag making machinery since 1984, which is the earliest bag making machinery manufacturer in China. With the rich experience of manufacturing the machinery, our production line is awarded China famous- brand and is exported to Russian, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Vietnam, Indonesia, Poland, etc.
All of production lines are provided on a turnkey basis including design, program, installation, commission, and complete technology transfer and personnel training, which are backed by our extensive experience. Complete spare parts / components and engineering services are provided according to customers’ requirements.
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