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Kraft Paper Bag Production Line

Bag Making Machine | Kraft Paper Bag Production Line


Kraft Paper Bag Production Line
Specifications:Bottom-pasted kraft paper bag production line
This product can be used for making kinds of kraft paper bag. Products widely used for chemical, building materials, food, metallurgy, plastics, feed industries.
Apart from the double collar valve requirement, additionally the bottom patch should exceed in width the bottom width, so when fully filled, the extended patch would strengthen folded line of the bottom.
2. Advantages
This line has high speed feeder, Perforation of the exhaust outlet unit, Opening bags bottom unit, Gluing and adherer valve sheet machine, Bag forming unit, Turning of bag bottom unit, Counter collector, Platform for storing. Printing with an optional four color printer realize all requirements for your customers are of the highest quality.Equipped with a fully electronic control that monitor the position of the bag and applied the correct amount of glue to the correct surface of the forming bag.With the delivery of the paper bag into the forming section, the control over the bags are maintained by our full auto belt transfer system, allowing high production speeds throughout the forming process. All parts of this process are fully guarded for safety but are accessible for maintained and setting different bag size.The finished bags are presented to the counter collector where the number of finished bags can be adjusted to your requirements; the bags are counted using a photoelectric cell to ensure the correct number in each batch.
3.Flow chart
Mill roll stand → automatic print→ automatic paper web guide→ automatic paper unwind→ auxiliary web draw system→perforation → cross step gluing→ longitude seam gluing→ tube forming→ main drive and separation→ count and delivery.
4.The technical data:
Types of Bag : Both-end pasted bag
Type of tube : Both-end stepped-cut tube (without gusset)
Number of layer : 2-5(include one piece of PE film)
Basic weight of Kraft paper :75-105g/m2
Bag length : 520~880mm
Tube length : 670~1050mm
Tube width (flat) : 420~620mm
Bottom width : 90~160mm
Bottom center distance : 420~780mm
Bottom opening width : 200~440mm
Valve sheet length : 100~300mm
Valve sheet width : 120~240mm
Number of printing : four (4) colors
Productivity : Maximum 140 tubes/min. (Tuber)
: Maximum 120 bags/min. (bottommer)
Ratio of waste products : Not exceed 1.5~2. % for whole production line
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