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Injection machine

Injection machine & mould | Injection machine
Injection machine


Injection machine

Specifications :
1.Standard serial TPFT
Application and advantage
This is the standard serial injection machine. It is mainly used negative rear angle dual-toggle clamping unit and full computer control and dual proportional load. It is the stable after more years’ excelsior research and producing. In this series, there are several model injection machine has the honor of national important new product.
2.Reinforced standard serial TPZJ
Application and advantage
This serial injection machine is improved and developed in 2004. It has the superiority characteristic of the TPFT serial. We have made a new improve in the machine’s construct. It’s more accordant as the developing tideway of modern injection machine.
3.Energy-saved variable TPFTA
Application and advantage
This serial injection machine is energy-saved production. Compare with the normal injection machine. It can save the power energy 30%-50%. It is used close-loop proportional variable displacement pump performs close-loop out pressure and flow. At the same time of energy-saved. It also increases the control precision and reliability of machine. It can be used to produce the more precision requirement plastic production.
4.Energy-saved frequency conversion TPFTB
Application and advantage
This serial injection machine is used computer and frequency conversion control technology. The machine controls the system pressure and flow in accordance with the needed working pressure and flow at various molding stages to match the motor output with its loading. Lower consumption of energy, lower cost and environmental damage is realized as result.
5.Special large volume TPFJ
Application and advantage
This serial injection machine is large capability special plastic injection molding machine. It’s especially suits technique requirements of large injection volume and low clamping force. Its maximum shot volume is 80,000 cube cm. It is used for molding polyolefin (PP, PE) class big scale plastic products of each kind for project use.
6.Electric-hydraulic mixing TPZJ-EH
Application and advantage
This serial injection machine is latest protrusive by us. It’s a novel electric-hydraulic mixing driving injection machine. In this serial injection machine, its main driving is hydraulic driving by displacement pump. The plasticizing unit is used absolute large torque electric motor to drive directly. It makes the machine more energy-saved and, more environmental protection, higher speed, higher efficiency and lower cost.
7.High speed and high precision TPZJ-H
Application and advantage
This serial injection machine is used MOOG high-speed proportion servo close-loop control system and high capability accumulator from Germany. It performs several excellent capabilities such as high stability, high speed, and high precision, high response and so on. It’s suitable for molding higher precision requirement and exceeding thin plastic production. This serial is especially suitable for keyboards and shell forming of mobile phone and other electronic products.
8.Special for PET serial TPZJ-PET
Application and advantage
This serial injection machine has the plasticizing unit with large short volume, low cutting and absolute driving. Then with the large space between tie bar and full hydraulic double plate clamping unit, it can use the mold with more cavities. It’s very especial suitable for PET bottle pre-form molding.
9.Vertical serial TPVT
Application and advantage
This serial injection machine is vertical placed, the clamping section and injection section shares one vertical middle line. And the mould is opened vertically. So it takes smaller space and the mold assembly will be easier. Vertical injection machines are usually min one with injection volume from 35g-1500g

Advantages :
We are one of the earliest and biggest factories with the most complete series of plastic injection molding machine in China.
We already have economic model(FT serial and ZJ serial), energy-efficient model (FTA serial with displacement pump and FTB serial with frequency conversion), large capacity and low pressure injection molding machine model (special for PE and PP class big-scale plastic products), high speed and high precision model (special for IT products and exceeded thin plastic products), electric-hydraulic mixing model and dual color model with the clamping force 900KN—40000KN. Our products are ISO9001-2000, CE certified and have been well sold to more than 40 countries the regions including the Occident, Middle East and Southeast Asia.
Please ask us for A detailed description of products if you want.

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