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High Pressure Oil/Gas PE Pipe Production line

High Pressure Oil/Gas PE Pipe Production line | Pipe Production Line


High Pressure Oil/Gas PE Pipe Production line
Production line data
Ć Model: GS/PE-G-250; GS/PE-G-450
Ć Specification: (pipe for water and gas supply)
ƒÜ Ø110;Ø160; Ø200 (SDR11/SDR17)
ƒÜ Ø250; Ø315; Ø400 (SDR11/SDR17)
Ć (Steel reinforced composite pipe)
ƒÜ Ø110;Ø160; Ø200
ƒÜ Ø250; Ø315; Ø400
ƒÜ Haul off speed:( For pure PE pipe)0.6m/min(Ø22SDR11); 0.3m/min (Ø400 SDR11)
(For steel reinforced composite pipe) 0.6m/min (Ø200); 0.3m/min (Ø400)
Ć Annual output: about>300km/y; about>160km/y
Ć Installation power supply: about 280KW; about 360KW
Advantages: This kind of pipe is widely used in China, Russian, Turkmenistan. and other countries in the transportation of oil.

Features of the line:
Ć The new type barrier screw is used and a Grooved Feed Bush is equipped on barrel, thus the result powerful plasticizing and mixing capacity. So we get a very stable high output from the extruder.
Ć Our Lattice Basket Die could guarantee low pressure, low temperature extrusion with high output. It also feature very smooth inner/outer surface, consistent working and flexible to wide range raw material.
Ć The vacuum calibrating has two sections. Made by bronze, the calibrating sleeves has a new adjusting structure for the water film.
Ć The wires or fibers are winding uniformly on the polyethylene pipe made in advance via professional winding machine. The winding speed is synchronized automatically with the haul off speed.
Ć A special designed multi-arm haul-off machine provides a powerful traction. The haul-off speed is adjustable through a frequency convertor and the screw speed of the extruder follow the haul-off speed synchronously.
Ć A planetary saw system is equipped on the cutting machine. Since the cutting speed, feeding speed and the action sequence are setting by micro-computer and inverter. The noise reducer and dust suction device is also considered.

Ć Public works: City water supply, water drain, gas transportation and power cable conduit.
Ć Chemical, Textile and Dyeing Industry: Corrosive gas, liquid and powder transportation.
Ć Mining Industry: Corrosive medium transportation.
Ć Power Station: Processing water and slurry transportation.
Ć Ocean Engineering: Seawater transportation, cable conduit under the sea.
Ć Coal gas, petroleum, natural gas transportation.
Product Description
The new generation reinforced high pressure oil/gas PE Pipe composite polyethylene pipe extrusion production line is independently by our own technology.
Normal polyethylene pipe is made in first stage and then the strengthening material is composed with the pipe. Steel wire, fiberglass, polyester fiber or other kind of high strength fiber could be used as the medical reinforced layer on the polyethylene pipe. With these strengthening materials, the working pressure resistance of the composite pipe is raised to 4 Mpa. We developed a unique know-how of connection so that the polyethylene and the reinforced material could be integrated into one well-combined part.
The whole line is automatically controlled from loading to discharging through a PLC. The line is advanced, reliable, and easy operation.
Thinking of the different requirements of our customer, the extrusion line is flexibility either for standard pure polyethylene pipe or composite pipe. We aim to bring you more benefit with the minimal investment.
Please ask us for A detailed description of products if you want.

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