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HDPE/PVC double wall Corrugated Pipe Production line

HDPE/PVC double wall Corrugated Pipe Production line | Pipe Production Line
HDPE/PVC double wall Corrugated Pipe Production line


HDPE/PVC double wall Corrugated Pipe Production line
Specifications: We can offer you the corrugated pipe production line from 90-1200mm. Depend on your requirement.
We will send you the complete of technical data when you contact with us.
Advantages: 1. There are two type of corrugation forming unit, vertical (forming mould block up-down open& close) and horizontal (forming mould block left-right open& close), each of them has its own advantage and disadvantage. We analyze the two types completely and acquire the best proposal which type suitable to which pipe diameter. So we are the unique maker who masters the two produce technologies in China.
a) Pipe inner diameter less than 800mm pipe line adopt vertical forming, corrugate forming mould adopt chain moving, of high mobility, no-mechanical impact, running steady, and of long lifetime. Easily separate up-down bracket without moving away mould block.
b) Pipe inner diameter larger than 800mm adopt horizontal forming, corrugate forming mould adopt spindle style moving, greatly decrease mould number, save customer investment.
c) Newly-designed mould block running track, decreases friction between mould bottom and track, and friction between moulds, improve mould running stability and reliability, prolong machine lifetime.
d) Corrugate forming unit equipped with auto power-off protection device. Corrugate forming unit will auto quit from mould when power is off.
e) Large transmission ratio new style gear box, need no manual operate, easy to maintain.

2. Latest and most reliable double wall faucet solution. We promote the chart and equipment, conquered general double wall faucet problem: low finish product rate, low line speed, require high quality raw material. Our line is of high finish product rate, high line speed, and requires common material. Efficiently increase customer market competing power.
3. Only maker in China adopt precise compression casting forming mould. Adopt integer compression cast technics, inner vacuum air channel is once casting moulding, of higher intensity, precise dimension, dense texture, long lifetime, avoid intensity decreasing caused from twice process, much better than traditional casting technics.
4. Adopt Al-alloy material cooling calibrating water sleeve, increase cooling efficient, and improve both pipe quality and capacity. Adopt compression cast technics. As you know, steel sleeve has low heat transfer coefficient, and copper sleeve is overweighted, while Al sleeve is light, of high intensity, good heat emission effect, so as to ensure high produce efficient.
5. Special high intensity material compound extrusion die head. Die head adopt the same material to extruder barrel and screw, nitriding fine quality 38CrMoAlA, nitriding depth: 0.8mm. compare with normal die steel or 40Cr, of high intensity, and long lifetime.
6. Optimized corrugate forming design based on large production data analysis, ensure lightest meter-weight in same ring stiffness. We sold many large diameter PE double wall corrugate pipe line, so we can get a lot of customer feedback data. We analyze those data with method developed by Beijing Chemical Industry University, continuously optimizing pipe corrugate forming, make sure the corrugate forming is most reasonable.
7. Austria B&R PCC touch screen central controlling system, include one central control computer and several distribute PLC control systems. It can run both separately and interlock control, satisfy customer all kind of demand.
a) 15” colorful touch screen, friendly HMI, visual control production line.
b) Owns long-distance communication function, realized the diagnosis and maintenance for production line from long distance.
c) Storage large number of flow chart data to produce different specification pipes, intelligent auto optimizing and tracing flow chart data. Storage large number of manage data, can lock flow chart data in three level: system manager, produce manager and operator. Data statistic function, collect response produce data for manager analysis.
d) Alarm function to monitored data such as communication, current, temperature, pressure., etc. Auto store those affaires for analyze fault causation.

8. Extrusion system. Adopt different high efficiency single screw extruders for inner and outer layer of double wall corrugation pipe according to different production line model, ensure enough capacity and save energy. Extruder position can be adjusted in tri-dimension, that’s up-down, left-right, fore-and-aft, easy to connect with mould. Screw and barrel adopt Germany latest technology: screw is four-section separate style, barrel feeding adopt asymmetry groove structure, greatly increase transmission efficiency, and equipped auto temperature control water cooling system. Equipped high torque, high rotate speed special gear box, ensure extrusion material with high efficiency and low energy consumption. All extruder equipped with Taiwan SHINI auto feeder and drying hopper.
9. New designed double side opening spray cooling water tank, water temperature and level auto controlled, easy to operate and maintain. At the end of cooling water tank, there is continuous tension initiative pipe convey device, which haul-off cooled pipes, efficiently decrease forming unit load, and avoid tradition pedrail haul-off caused troubles: haul-off speed not synchronous with forming unit, even break forming mould or forming unit.
10. Adopt Italy SICA technology auto cutter, working reliable. PCC and special mechanical structure double control, ensure cutting precision. Especially when produce belling pipes, with very high precision, ensure cutting blade fixed in right position, increase finished production rate.
11. Auto stacker with two-level stack structure, efficiently decrease pipe falling impact, protect pipe surface not broken, increase pipe quality, and improve working circumstance.
Product Description

HDPE/PVC double wall Corrugated Pipe Production  line:

The corrugated pipes production extrusion lines has this function
1. there is only us in China who can produce both vertical and horizontal corrugation forming unit.
2. there is only us in China who adopts precise compression casting corrugation forming mould.
3. there is only us who adopts Al-alloy material cooling calibrating water sleeve.
4. there is only us who adopts importation control system in same production line in China.

On basis of absorbing the most latest techology from German and Canada companies we develop this line.
In China we can show you at least 40 running lines

Please ask us for A detailed description of products if you want.

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